Chapter 16

I woke up early and went into the bathroom. Preparing for today's work. I wore a simple shirt gown with black belts. 

I went into the kitchen and prepared oat for my breakfast. I grabbed my bag and went to work.

Things has been going well with me and Drake. Sometimes we giggled at each other, crack jokes together.

I was beginning to like him, or I should say I liked him.

I got to work and Michelle greeted me, I greeted her back and signed.

I made my way to the elevator and pressed to button number 1. I saw Mrs. Wood sitting at her table making some calls.

I smiled over to her and went into my office. I dropped my bag and headed for the third floor to make Drake's coffee.

I got to his door and knocked. I went in but didn't see him around. 

Maybe he hasn't come, I thought within me.

I dropping his coffee on his table and tur

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