Chapter 21

I heard someone running up to us. I looked behind me and saw a tall guy.

Already soaked in my own tears and Drake still in my arms.

"Please help me!!", I said in a croaked voice.

"Hey!! Take it easy", he said as he felt Drake pulse.

Immediately he stood and I helped him as we carried Drake into the car.

I sat beside him still holding his hands in mine and I was sobbing.

I really hated Austin for what he caused in my life and for that of Drake.

I prayed silently for Drake. The good Lord should keep him safe for me. I would be miserable if something bad happens to him.

We got to the state hospital. And we were attended to on time. The doctors already had Drake on the emergency bed and he was taken into the emergency room.

I sat on the seat silently crying, I felt someone tap me and it was the guy who helped me earlier.

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