Chapter 22

"How cute!!", Annie said from behind which made me to jolt up from my sleep.

I had totally forgotten I was still holding Drake's hand.

"Hey!!", I said as I rubbed my eyes.

I stood up and looked at Drake. He was still sleeping peacefully.

"Here have bought you some clothes", Annie said as she handed me a bag.

I collected it from her and smiled.

" Thank you", I said as I found my way to the bathroom not far from Drake's room.

I looked myself in the mirror and found out how messed up I looked like.

I got under the shower and started bathing.

I made sure I scrubbed all the dirt and most especially the places where Austin hands touched.

I got out of the bathroom and dried my hair and wore the clothes that Annie brought for me.

It was a skin fitted jeans and a loose blouse.

I went back in

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