Chapter 23

Shifting lightly on the bed, I figured out I was still sleeping with Drake. I tried to get out of the bed when Drake's arm tightened around my waist.

"Good morning sweetie", he said.

"Good morning", I said smiling at the word he used for me.

"Please can you let me get up", I said.

"I don't feel like", he replied.

I rolled my eyes and turned to look at him.

"We are in the hospital Drake anyone can come in now", I said trying to get some sense in his brain.

"I don't care!, What I care most is having you by my side", he said as he raised his hand to touch my cheeks.

I used that opportunity to quickly get out from bed immediately he removed his arm from waist.

He chuckled at my actions and I sticked out my tongue to him.

"See who's is having fun", Annie said as she walked in with a basket.

I pouted at h

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Hina Simpson
i love it she got fire. yes girl....

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