Chapter 2


"Ladies and Gentleman, PAL flight number 143 will be landing in Manila in five minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts when the signal flashes on, this is your flight captain. Have a good day and enjoy your trip, thank you."

I was startled when I heard the announcement. I immediately sat up and looked around. They were fastening their seatbelts already so, I did mine too. 

After fastening my seatbelt, I immediately looked out of the plane window. In just a few minutes, the plane will land on the runway of NAIA airport.

I put my hand on my chest and felt it. The pain and misery that I felt before and the fear of going back here to the Philippines are already gone.

I am ready. I am ready to live peacefully in this place free from the pain and bitterness of the past. And I am so happy about it.

It's been two years. Two years since I left this hometown because of a sudden incident. 

How are they? Is everything has changed since I left? It seems like I have missed a lot in this place in the past two years. Well, except for those stupidities I did before our break up. I admit that it takes time to mend a broken heart and trust, there were lots of pressure I faced while I'm in the stage of moving forward. But on the other hand, it's all worth it because I was able to change myself for the better. 

When I reach the arrival area, I already search for my brother which was the one who will be going to fetch me here at the airport, and the moment I saw him smiling when he saw me approaching, I noticed that he's with someone.

"Ynnah! Welcome home!" she shrieked as my older brother just shook his head while giggling at his girlfriend's behavior when seeing me after two years of being away.

The love birds. Oh, how I miss them both. I quickly walked closer to them as I pushed my luggage. They immediately greeted me with a wide smile on their lips. 

"Gosh! I miss you so much! How are you? It's been a while," she trailed off with excitement and hugged me tightly. "You didn't even tell me that you left the country and flew home to Korea! If your older brother didn't inform me about it, I wouldn't know yet! " she ranted while frowning, she's just so cute.

"I miss you too, Mandy," I said as I hug her back. "I'm sorry for not telling you right away. I am just so pressured and depressed that's why  I wasn't able to tell you about it so soon and besides my brother already told ya, so what's the matter? At least I'm already back for good." I said as I pulled myself from the hug and also lend my brother a tight embrace.

I do miss them both. They are the only ones I close to here. I don't have friends and I don't have any idea if why? They are avoiding me. As if I have a contagious disease. But nevermind. I don't mind it. After all, I am still happy with my life without friends. It's not like I need one, I have my older brother and his girlfriend. That's enough with me.

"How's my princess?" My brother asked between my thoughts. 

I give him my sweetest smile before answering his question. "I'm good, Bro. No need to worry."

"Are you sure about that?" he asked which made me nod in response.

"Of course my prince, don't worry," I assured him.

"I'm jealous," Mandy said with her lips protruded that gain our both attention and chuckled.

"What the hell, babe?" My brother said in disbelief while his forehead creased staring at his girl.

"Silly!" I said giggling as I pushed my brother away from me.

Mandy just shrugged and after a while, she laughed her heart out before snatching me. "Kidding," she said before putting her arm around my shoulder.

She's three inches taller than me, that's why.

"You're unbelievable," I said.

"I know right." I just shook my head at her while smiling in disbelief. She's crazy. "If you're planning revenge towards that jerk, don't forget to include me there, alright?" 

I was stilled for a moment. Revenge? I never planned such a thing towards him. It didn't even cross my mind.

"Why?" I asked afterward.

"I can't just let it go!" she blurted. "Since the day that I find out about what happened, I freaking want to give him my unforgettable kick at his fucking ass! How dare him hurting you that way! That asshole! He really has the guts to cheat on you?" Mandy mumbled with her gritted teeth which only made me chuckled. "The hell!" she added, seems like she wanted to start trouble with someone right now.

"Alright, alright! Just calm down and don't freak out." My brother interrupted and get Mandy from me. "I know that it will happen soon, babe but for now, we have to go home already. Mom is waiting and Ynnah should take some rest too," my older brother said that made his girlfriend soothed before she walks closer to me once again and clung to my arms as she pulled me away leaving my brother with my luggage beside him.

I saw how he look at his girl in disbelief before scratching his nape and took my luggage alone.

My poor older brother.

Right after we got out from the airport, we immediately got inside the car who was already waiting outside as my brother put my luggage inside the compartment of the car first before he slid himself inside the passenger seat beside our hired driver. While on the trip, Mandy immediately told me about the events that happened when I left. She has so many penetrating stories which made me realize that I really missed a lot about this place. There's a lot that happened and amended since I left to change my life abroad.

"How about you, Ynnah? How's life in Korea?" she asked out of a sudden.

"Well, at first I don't go out often." I said and turned my gaze outside the window of the car. "I'm always stuck in my room thought back to everything that happened. It's not that easy to alleviate the misery and pain that I felt before, but I think it's still all worth it." I shifted my gaze at her from the window and smiled. "I met someone that encouraged me to move on, she's Liza Jeung. She's been there when I yearn for someone's presence. She helped me to be tough and fix myself into a better person. She's been a very good friend to me." I added.

I smiled when I recalled every moment we shared. She's very nice and talented. She taught me lots of lessons. She knows a lot and her sense of humor is contagious. Well, I already treat her as my best friend besides, she was the only one who became my friend.

It was already late when we got home. I was immediately greeted by Mommy's hug. How I missed her.

"How are you, Sweetie?"

"I'm perfectly fine, Mom."

"Come, I prepared something for you," she leads the way while we're heading inside the dining area.

"Wow! 'My? Did you prepare all of this? It's all looks luscious and yummy." I said when I saw the table vast with delicious food.

Mommy loves to cook foods for me and this habit of hers never gone even if I'm already in college. She's been the best Mom I ever had in my whole life.

"Of course baby, Mommy never fails to cook for your delicious meal," she said with the sweetest smile formed on her lips.

"That's why I always get jealous," my older brother said sulking as his lips protruded.

"Goodness, Francis! You are too old already! Shame on you!" Mandy scolded him as she napes him at the same time which made us all laugh except for my older brother who was already frowning.

"Babe!" my brother pouted even more.

They're really good together. A sadist and a masochist. The day will never end without the two of them teasing, fighting, and beating each other. That's their kind of affection. So sweet.

"Oh these children, come and let's eat. The food is getting cold." Mommy said as she sat down first at the table next to me as Mandy and my brother followed who seemed to have just ended their quarrel session.

"How's life in Korea? I heard you're doing some stuff like hanging out with someone. Well, it's the first time for you to have friends anyway." Mommy said between our meals.

I hem for a moment before I smile at her. Feeling so excited. 

"It was all fine Mom, and yes! I met someone there. She's very nice and her sense of humor was so awesome and I want you to meet her. She'll be here next month and she's staying here for good." I said with enthusiasm in my voice.

"We can't wait to meet her already," Mandy said, who was excited to meet my only friend, added.

I just smiled at them as we resumed our dinner. 

After that, I decided to go upstairs and went to my room with my luggage. When I already got inside my room, I put my luggage on the side as I immediately lay down on my soft queen-size bed.

How I miss my room. It's been two years and still, it doesn't change. The shade of my room is pitch white so it didn't look dark even without light. I have a lot of stuff just like my pink rabbit collections, and the only human-size white teddy bear on the side of my stuffed toy cabinet next to my study table with a big hello kitty mirror on the front. My bathroom and bathtub are pitch white with a hello kitty design too.

As I roamed my eyes around, I was gradually being drowsy.

I woke up at the sound of my phone on my bedside table. I lazily picked up my phone and took a peek at it.

8:00 am. 

It was an alarm. 

And I almost forgot. This is my first day to looked for him. I wanted to see him and talk to him and I want to thank you at least for what he did to me two years ago. Because, instead of him having a chance to hurt me, he didn’t. Rather, he even took me to our house.

I know it's not that easy to find someone I don't even know, not even his name but I still want to take a risk even if it's already passed two years. But why not look for him? Also, if it wasn't for him, maybe something terrible happened to me that night, there's a lot of bad people around. And on that same day, my acute anemia attacked that's why I collapsed and if it wasn't t treated immediately, it would fall into leukemia.

But thank God I was all fine now.

So now, I will go to look for him.

I got up from my bed and immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower. After my morning routine, I immediately went down to the living room and walked towards the dining area for breakfast. When I got to the dining area it was only our maid and my brother that I caught up with.

"Where's Mommy?" I asked as I kissed him on his cheeks and sat down beside him which is my usual seat.

"She left earlier, I think she has a lot to do in the office," he replied while taking a sip on his coffee and back to the newspaper he was reading.

"What about you? Do you have a date with Mandy? You look well dressed." I asked while began eating my breakfast.

"We'll have a shoot later not a date. How about you? Looks like, you're the one who has a date today." He gives me his very annoying smirk as he raises and lowers his eyebrow.

I don't like what he's thinking right now.

"Are you teasing me?" I said with my raised brow.

He shook his head. "Nope!" he answered.

I rolled my eyes in the air. "I have a date with myself. Isn't it amazing?" feel the sarcasm.

He just shook his head once again while his irking grin didn't subside.

"Why don't you date someone to reduce your bitterness a little? You're not getting over him yet, don't you?" 

This man!

"I beg your pardon?" I said then raise my brow.

"C'mon, princess. You know what I mean." 

"You know what? Just mind your own business. I don't give a shit." I said then left him there stun in instant for what I just said.

"And anyway," I said before I could leave. "I've moved on. And there's already someone that caught my interest, so why should I still waste my time and effort for that stupid jerk, by the way? He doesn't deserve any of it." I added as I finally left.

I know I became rude when I spoke to him that way but, it's annoying! He's my older brother and he should avoid talking about personal matters just like before. He knows how I suffered in torment because of him. He was my first boyfriend and I do love him as much as I love myself then suddenly just like that ?! If I only knew it from the first place, I would have ignored him then!

But never mind. Past is past.

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