Chapter 3


I decided to go wander around our subdivision while I didn't know where to go yet. It's been two years since the day I left and a lot had changed in this neighborhood. The alleys, decorations, and all seem to have changed. As I looked around the area, my eyes widened at the image of a man who's now standing not far from me while staring intently at my face seems like he's recognizing me.

Xander. I thought as I stared back at him.

I almost forgot we're neighbors by the way. Their house is just two corners away from us and it looks like my feet brought me here, opposite the pole with a mini forest not far from their house where we always met before. And it looks like he just came out of the gate.

If I was still the same Ynnah two years ago, maybe now, I am still pursuing him everywhere and take good care that he won't catch a glimpse of me. I admit that since we broke up, I have been pursuing him and keep on tailing him everywhere he'll go, everything he'll do, and whatever he'll want to do. 

I promised myself that I will not chase, well not really. It is just a simple stalk I guess? And not the act of showing up and I never beg him like, duh? I still have my pride and dignity. But my craziness ended up when my elder brother scolded me and grounded me for two weeks then sent me to Korea to be healed from my illness and of course to stay away from him.

And now that we meet again, everything turns upside down. I don't feel the love I had before towards him now, not even a single piece. He's just nothing to me at all, nothing but a stranger.

I averted my eyes and started walking away, seems like he's dumbfounded when he recognizes me a while ago. It looks like he didn't expect me today, how pathetic. I don't know which part I like about him. Maybe that arrogant just charmed me there so that's why.

My feet brought me to the mall near our subdivision so, I decided to go window shopping first and eat at my favorite spot in-


I immediately went inside and looked for a vacant table. When I already found one, one of their waiter approached me to get my order and after that, I grab out my phone from my sling bag to check if there was a text while I was waiting for my order but sad to say, there's nothing so, I decided to open my Twitter account to look if there were updates from my favorite K-pop group but still, there's none so I just turned it off and put my phone back inside the sling bag I was carrying.

A moment after, my order arrived so I began eating immediately.

"Excuse me? Can I share a table, miss?" A baritone voice in front of me asked. I look up at him for a moment and nod my head slightly.

"Thank you," he said as he placed his tray on the table and settled himself on the chair across me.

I was just eating quietly when he spoke again.

"You look familiar," he said while gazing at me seems like he's recognizing me. Well, I can see it in my peripheral vision. "Did I saw you somewhere before?" he added.

I took a heave before I shook my head.

"I'm sorry but I don't know you and you're not even familiar with me. So if you'll excuse me I have to go." I said as I got my ass up and composed myself and put some money on the table before I left.

People nowadays. Just looking for a reason to notice.

The moment I left that place, I wander around the whole mall first in case I saw him there but I can't find him, and when I got bored I decided to go home. 

When I got out of the Mall, I noticed that it was already late at night. I looked at my wristwatch which made my eyes immediately widened.

It's already 10 in the evening! I check my phone if someone texted me and there! There's a message from my brother and his 62 miscalls. 

From: Francis

Answer your goddamn phone Ynnah Francine! 

Gosh! I'm doomed!

My phone rang unexpectedly. When I saw the caller ID of the caller I was immediately swallowed up in no time.

I took a very deep breath before I answer his call.

"Hel-" what I was going to say hang on the air when he immediately made a noise on the other line.

(Where the hell are you, young lady?! We've been looking for you everywhere but you're nowhere to found! You didn't bring your car with you and you didn't even answer your goddamn phone! What the fuck are you doing? We are so kicking worried about you but you didn't even give a fucking care?! Now tell me if where the fucking hell are you now, Ynnah Francine Seung! It's already 10 in the evening for pete's sake!)

Now he's really mad. Probably.

"I-I'm sorry." I finally said in nervous. "I am just wandering around. I am here at the mall near our subdivision. I am very sorry. I didn't notice your calls because my phone was turned silent. I just enjoyed gazing the change in our neighborhood and I didn't notice the time. I'm so sorry, but don't worry I'm on my way home so please, don't get mad at me. Please? " 

Even though I act as a mischievous brat, I am still scared of my brother. He is different when he gets angry, he seems to be eating people.

(I'll fetch you there-)

"There's no need, big bro! I mean, you don't have to. I'll be home later, promise." I don't want to go home yet. I want to go for a walk first while going home. 

Besides, nothing bad will happen to me here. Our subdivision is guarded and secure and there were police roaming everywhere so it was okay.

(Just make sure that you'll be home safe and sound. Did you get me clear, Francine?) this old man is very rigid when it comes to me.

That's why I love him so much. He's been my knight and shining armor since then. He prefers the one who is hurting to me. When my Ex hurt me, he became so furious. Good thing because we were in Korea at that moment when he found out, otherwise he would go straight to Xander's house and beat him up to death. 

On the contrary, I am still blessed to have an older brother like him.

"Yes, of course. I'll be fine, bye." I said as I dropped the call and started walking home.

While I'm on my way home, I suddenly passed on a strange nearby abandoned building near the rainforest not too far from where I was. I was already close to our subdivision just a few corners away when I stopped from walking and notice that there was something different in the sky, I didn't know if I was just hallucinating or I just saw a light from it. 

I shook my head; it was impossible, I was just tired. Yeah, I'm just tired. How can the sky having a light at night, right? Unless it rains. Yes! Maybe it's just silent lightning, huh? Is there such a thing?

I proceed walking home when I stopped once again the moment I realized that there was really a light in the sky opened! Does the sky seem to open? But it's impossible! This only happens in fantasies. 

Gosh, Francine! You are full of W*****d fantasy!

But I am not hallucinating this time!

I really saw it.

I covered my eyes immediately because of the light that I can't bear to stare. It is so painful in the eyes and it is dazzling. Then, there! I saw something fallen from it! But I don't know what it was because the light is very astonishing.

A moment after, the light vanished but I still can't believe from what I just saw earlier. Then a faint cry takes me back to reality. 

"What was that?" I asked myself as I shook my head, again and again, maybe I was just being weird but the cry became louder until I recognize that it was the voice of a man. A man who suffers from the most painful thing.

I started to walk slowly in the direction where I heard the cry, Maybe it's because he was a victim of bad people like outlaws and then he was hurt, even though it was so scary, my conscience prevailed. 

My legs brought me at the back of the abandoned building. It's a little scary because it's dark. Suddenly my ears tightened when I heard a heavy breathing behind the big Narra tree as my heart began to pound. 

This is too much! As time went on, it became more and more frightening! 

"Hello? Is anybody here?" I asked, maybe he will answer me, right? 

But no one answered. Mommy! Brother! Daddy! Maybe I heard a ghost? Is it a ghost?

I shook my head again. What the hell! There's no ghost, Francine! You are just hallucinating! Or maybe you're just being crazy?

"Is anybody here?" I asked once again as I walk closer to the big Narra tree when I felt something pass through me. 

I didn't recognize if what was it because it was too fast like flash. 

Heart relax, there's no ghost or any terrible creatures. 

I tried calming myself.

When I get closer to the big Narra tree, I took a glimpse at it that made my heart pound more. There was nothing behind the big Narra tree but blood on the ground with a soaked silky black beautiful feather.

I shook my head in disbelief, maybe I was just being paranoid? I squeezed myself, maybe everything I discovered at this moment is just an imagination.

"Ouch!" I grunted the moment I hardly squeezed my left arm which only means—

It's real!

I got home dumbfounded by what I just discovered earlier. I can't believe that I am seeing weird things like that. Opened sky with its painful and dazzling light that you can't bear to stare. Weird fainted cry of a man suffering from the most painful thing. Something passed through me with its fastest speed that I don't even know if what was it. And a silky black beautiful feather behind that Narra tree soaked with blood? 

"Where have you been? Why did you just come home? And what's with that face, Ynnah Francine?"

Gosh! Who would have thought that I could see such things while I can only read and see them in fantasy stories and movies? Goodness! Am I still normal after those incidents? If I will going to say those things to other people I would be mistaken for being crazy.

"Francine? What's happening to you?"

Maybe I'm just addicted to fantasies so, I could see things that are impossible to happen? But I pinched myself and I was hurt!

"Ynnah Francine Seung!"

"Holy cow!" I returned to my senses in surprise when someone just howled in my ear. I turned to the person who shouted and it was my brother with his poker face. "Francis, why are you shouting at me? What's your problem ?"

"I should be that one asking you those stupid questions!" I shut my mouth at the realization. "I've been asking you several times if where the fucking hell you came from because you just came home! And look at yourself, what the hell happened to you? You look like you just saw a ghost! What is your problem? " he also shouted back.

I suddenly fell silent. Should I tell them? They might even say I was crazy then.

"I was just strolling around, going to the mall, and date myself alone. It only took me a while because I didn't realize the time, I was just enjoying myself that's all. "I said hastily without stuttering.

Good thing I was able to suppress my stuttered voice. I can't tell what happened. Perhaps, my older brother will just laugh at me and taunt me with something. He didn't ask again so I left immediately and ascended to my room to take a bath and change. While I was blowing my hair, I still can't get over about what happened earlier on my way home.

What could be that thing? And who is that person who is crying? And what was with this feather? 

I asked myself and took the feather I had seen earlier and examined it. It is not the type of ordinary feather you only see around. I think there was something in it that I can't explain, it seems like there is something you can't understand.

I put the feather inside the drawer of my bedside table and lay down on my soft bed as I stared at the ceiling. I should know if what's behind those feathers, but how?

The next morning, I woke up early so I immediately took a shower and got myself ready. I was just wearing simple black fitted off-shoulder paired with a gray jumper short-shorts with cycling inside then black rubber shoes. I also put on light makeup and lip balm so that I don't look dead on my pale face.

After that, I immediately took my black sling bag with my phone, wallet, and keys inside it then went out and headed down to the dining area to eat. When I got there, it was only Mom and my older brother that I found drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

I kissed them on their cheeks as I sat down at my usual seat at our dining table then get some bacon, fried rice, and egg as I started eating.

"You are well dressed. Where are you going?" Mom asked.

"I'm going for a walk 'Mmy. After all, the enrollment for the first semester is already coming so, I rather enjoy my summer hanging out with myself than being alone and bored here." I replied while eating.

"Alright, just make sure that you'll go take good care of yourself, and don't hesitate to call us if there's something wrong, okay?" 

"I have no problem with that, Mom. Don't worry, I will." I said as I gave her my assuring smile.

"You'll bring your car with you?" My elder brother asked.

"Yes big bro. And anyway, I wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday. I didn't mean to-" but he cut me off by putting bacon inside my mouth while grinning widely.

This man!

"Don't worry, princess. I understand and I'm sorry too, for bringing up the past." I just smiled at him and give him a tight hug besides, the two of us just sat next to each other.

"Aww, my babies are too sweet and Mommy got jealous, can I have a hug too?" We just laughed at Mommy as we hugged in a group.

"You're Dad and I are so blessed to have a very charming daughter and a very adorable son. We're so happy by having both of you in our lives." Mom said between our hugs.

"We are too Mom. You both were the best parents in the universe." My older brother said as he kissed Mommy and me on the cheek.

Mommy and I just laughed at what he said, he is just so sweet even if he was really outrageous. Sometimes.

"Too much drama guys." I intruded which made them both giggled.

After I ate breakfast I brushed my teeth immediately before leaving the house.

When I got in my car, I immediately started the engine and drove to the nearest Mall. And since I'm done eating breakfast, I just go for a walk while watching around the stores I passed by, looking something to buy and when I find something nice, I would buy it right away. It's not too crowded right now so it's not a hassle for me to pay at the counter.

While I'm busy wandering and looking for something that will catch my interest suddenly bumped into something... No, it's not something but someone and because of the strong impact on me, I immediately fall on the floor.

"Ouch!" I grunted. 

My butt hurts!

"I'm sorry, miss. I didn't mean to-" he didn't able to finish what he was about to say the moment I shifted my gaze up at him.

And when I realized if who the hell is he, I immediately get my ass up as I faced him with my head high.

"Y-ynnah?" he asked very surprised.

"Yeah, it's me. 


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