Chapter 7



I get up immediately when someone squealed and shook me by the arm. The moment I opened my eyes, my older brother's face is what I saw forthwith. Fear is written in his eyes. I get my ass up soon as I roamed my eyes around my whole room in so much fear.


"Hey, are you okay?" I shifted my gaze to my older brother who was now sitting next to me while busy stroking my back.

"Brother!" I threw myself at him immediately as I cried out of fear.

As I hugged my brother, I couldn’t help but look around. I roamed my eyes around my room once again and then my gaze shifted to the glass door. No shadows, no Eros. No one was around except me and my brother. Thank goodness it was all just a dream!

"It's okay, princess. Hush now, it's alright," he said soothing me while still caressing my back.

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