Chapter 8


"Eros, where do you really intend to take me?" I don't know how many times I have repeated that line since we left the university.

And in those few times, I knew he was also annoyed by my unending questions. It's been an hour since we traveled and I still have no idea where he will take me.

I took a glimpse of him when he didn't even bother to answer my question. He just stared at the road while his face is dull and no emotions at all. Well, what's new anyway?

When I made sure he had no intention of answering my qualm, I just irritatedly leaned against the backrest of the passenger seat while my two arms were wrapped around my chest with my lips protruded when the nightmare from last night popped out on my mind out of a sudden.

Is it real? I asked myself and gazed at Eros who was still focused on the road.

My dream is so terrible which seems

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