Chapter 10



What should I do?


Why now?

"Hey, are you okay in there? It's almost 20 mins," who else is knocking? It's none other than Eros.

He was the only person I am with from earlier in the hospital until now here in the public comfort room of a park we passed by while we are walking to go home. And guess what? Is it because I am so unlucky that every time I am with him, my period comes at the wrong time?


That's why my stomach hurts, feeling like I'm painful cramps because, it's actually the third week of the month. Ugh, why am I so unlucky today? What am I going to do now? I'm sure I will going to have a red stain and get embarrass to other people if I just ignore it. I should have ordered Eros to buy a - something you know? A girls thing?

Oh my goodness! That man will definitely st

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