Chapter 11


"Remember to read the pages 123-143. We will discuss all the topics under that scope next meeting." Our professor said. "That's all for today. Class dismissed."

I heavily sigh as I eyed our book's table of contents for a few seconds.

Our professor's asking us to read almost around hundred pages that will be our topic next meeting. I don't know how he will maximize our time to teach four topics in three hours, if even now that he only teaches two topics it will take three hours, how much more if he will teach four topics in that short period of time?

I was pulled away from my thoughts when someone pasted a sticky note at the top of my book.

'Eat lunch with me.'

I read on what was written there. I averted my gaze at the man standing at the front of my desk as I took a deep breath. I am not surprised anymore that it was Eros, but I felt somethi

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