Chapter 17


I woke up in a dim light room. Only light in an expensive lamp shade emits light.

Expensive lamp shades?

I get my ass up as I roam my eyes around the dim light room where I was lying and realize that I wasn't on my own room.

Wait, what the - where am I?

I tried to remember what happened and how the hell I got here.

"Francis!" I screamed as I hugged my older brother in great fear and nervousness. Fuck! It's just a very bad nightmare but it freaking seems so real!

"Are you having bad dreams again?" He asked as he stroked my back to calm me down from fear.

"Francis! Francis! He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me Francis! I don't want to die, please I don't want to die!" I exclaimed as I burst into tears while tightening my embrace to him as if I didn't want to let

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