Chapter 20


The love between angels and humans is forbidden by the father. We claim that the act defies father's will, and the angel involved will be dissipated at once. But why? If we, angels are all about love and kindness, why can’t an angel fall for someone wholeheartedly?

Well, as what Ajal had said.

As father's servants, we reveal His purpose and act accordingly to His commands.

Falling in love with a human would mean that we are no longer only father's servant and we don’t serve only father anymore.

So, what if we receive a command from the father which contradicts our own will after falling in love with a human? That could even lead to attempting to alter the Father's plan if we fall in love with the human more than we worship the father almighty.

That's I think why we are forbidden to love a human.

"How is your being the Guardian of a beautiful

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