Chapter 22


"How's your mission?" asked Eron the moment he sat beside me.

"It's fine." I answered as I lean on the railings and stared at the sky.

"Seems like your action speaks otherwise." Eron do the same. He lean on the railings and also stared at the clear dark sky.

"Why are you here? You're supposed to be on the other side of the earth to fulfill your assigned mission."

"I just heard some news about an angel who caught up having sexual intercourse in a human." My gaze suddenly turned to him with a surprising look.

"When?" I asked that made him turned his gaze at me with confusion written on his face.

"You didn't know? Everyone knows that, while you don’t?"

"You know that I'm not nosy like you. Plus, I'm busy with this mission. I must know every move and everything this mortal will do every second of everyday. Her life cannot be enda

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