Chapter 31


I'm ready. I am ready to give my life if in exchange for that is peace between our families. I don't want to be the cause of anything like this anymore. I'm sick of being the reason why everyone around me was involved in any kind of disaster just because they wanted to protect me. They wanted to keep me safe.

If my life were the substitute just to stop this chaos I would not hesitate to sacrifice. I will give her my life of that's what she wanted.

If me being dead bring peace to people I loved, then so be it. I won't mind anymore.

Just as Amanda pulled the trigger, Xander tried to steal the gun away from his mother last minute, while my Dad tried to throw himself in front of me to use his body as a shield. And the moment after I heard a gunshot, followed by another and after another.

It was as if I had lost myself when I heard gunshots. My senses were blocked out except for my vision. I wanted to stay awake but felt like my head would break in pai

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