Chapter 35


It's been a few weeks since we, Eros and I, went back to school. Nothing has changed except the three women who cornered me before, they are avoiding me now. I don’t know why and what happened. Maybe it's because of what Eros did to them so they are now avoiding me.

If that so, then I'm so much grateful to that. No one oppresses me anymore.

It's already our class dismissal so I immediately arrange my belongings in my bag so that when Eros returns, I will be ready to go home. He was called to the faculty room for the books he donated the other day so I'm alone now.

"Uh, Ynnah." I looked up at the person who called my name just now and I immediately smiled when I saw Calisse.

She slyly smiled at me while she look so hesitant.

"Hello, do you need anything?" I asked when I saw the cleaning carts she was carrying.

I noticed how she hardly grippe

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