I couldn’t believe everything that I just found out about Liza and Calisse. It was like a broken record that my memory repeatedly recalled everything Eron had said. I can't believe it. I don't want to believe.

If it's all just a dream, please! I want to wake up! I can no longer do what I know! I can no longer sink all the revelations into my brain!

Everything that I just found out is so fucking frustrating!

"Say hello to hell, Francine."

A loud blow of the pipe to my back brought me back to my senses. With the force of the beating I bled.

So this is what they called, hell in Earth.

"Taste my revenge, Francine. This is the payment of all the sacrifices that turns into nothing!" he exclaimed as he laughed demonically.

A strong blow to my stomach caused me to vomit blood.

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