Chapter 16

Several months later, Audrey’s life was better than she expected. She lived in peace, away from the stressful situation she had to go through during her pregnancy. Despite Shane’s absence, she was able to survive the hard days. Well, not completely though. She had yet to give birth and it would be the most challenging part. With her mother-in-law’s constant support, each day passed quickly with Audrey sighing in relief. Her priorities were clear. Aside from herself, her baby’s life was the most important.

“Have a safe trip, Mom.” Audrey waved her right hand as she bid goodbye to her mother-in-law who was leaving for another country to attend a very important business meeting. “Don’t forget to eat your meals on time,” she added as she rubbed her baby bump.

“Oh, Hija. Stop worrying about me and just think of yourself and the baby. Don’t hesitate to tell the butler if you need anything, alright? I’ll be back in no time,” the elderly woman said and gave the pregnant woman a peck on the che
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Danielle Tyrrell
Thanks for the update. Hope they keep coming.
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Nancy Hatton
Really like this story. Pls update often.

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