Chapter 6

“Stephanie is indeed pregnant,” Shane confirmed after Audrey asked him about the singer’s pregnancy scandal. They just finished having a sumptuous dinner when her husband led the way to the other side of the garden where the city lights could be seen, like glittering mountains of treasures in the night. The view was breathtaking but the atmosphere in them was only getting more intense.

Audrey didn’t waste any time and started a conversation about the actor’s involvement in Stephanie’s pregnancy. She started shooting him questions she badly needed to be answered. “She just started her acting career, and we’re under the same company. Her pregnancy would ruin her whole career, and I was tasked to help her out. It was the company’s request, Audrey,” Shane added.

“I never thought you’d be so dedicated to the company to the extent that you’ll neglect your wife’s feelings over the said ‘problem’ you need to handle. But it's okay. I guess it’s fine as long

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Alice Laygo-Gianan
Way to go Audrey!!
goodnovel comment avatar
this plot is dumb
goodnovel comment avatar
Helen Grace Hanopol
this is too much for Audrey to bear and accept. end the marriage and live your life Audrey. Shane is shameless as well as Stephanie. both are selfish and doesn’t care about other people feelings. you don’t deserve this man Audrey

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