Chapter 7

“Damn!” Shane kicked the stone from where he stood when he could no longer see the lights from his car which Audrey drove to get away from him. He was so mad that he intended to throw anything that caught his attention. The flowers and other ornamental plants in the pots ended up scattered on the ground as he kept breaking them. He was close to losing his mind when his phone started ringing. Shane checked who’s calling and was relieved it his manager and not Stephanie. Ever since he agreed to play along with the company, the latter would always call him to check his whereabouts like a demanding wife.

“Lucy,” he muttered when he answered the call.

The person on the other line didn’t respond which confused him. Lucy would always start with her award-winning yells whenever he did something without informing him. And having a press conference a few days ago after he came back from his honeymoon was one of those things he did without letting her manager

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Helen Grace Hanopol
That’s what I call “ righteous mother”. right is right and wrong is wrong . Shane doesn’t deserve anything good from them.

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