Chapter 12

Shane clenched his fists. “What did you say?” He asked, making sure he heard it right. “Audrey called me?” He sounded unbelieving, not expecting his wife to call him. After all, he did nothing but caused Audrey heartbreak which he promised he wouldn’t do again when she married him. She wouldn’t call him first unless something happened.

“What? You suddenly become excited. Aren’t you going to annul your marriage with her now that I’m pregnant with your baby?” Stephanie mumbled. Shane swore he would have already smacked her head to wake her up from her delusion if only she wasn’t a woman and pregnant. He wasn’t even the real father of her baby and going along with her whims was only a part of the company’s arrangement to save her face. It wasn’t like he would let him be taken advantage of when he had someone he should be caring for. Shane wasn’t sure how long could Audrey wait for him. And even if she would be willing to wait for a year or longer, he wouldn’t let that

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He care more for being a actor than his wife.
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Lynn Jones Carrington
Shane this is too much . Go back to your wife

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