Chapter 19

Audrey woke up to the voices talking around her. She unfolded her eyes and slowly let her vision adjust to the brightness. Her body felt heavy as well as her head. But a certain part of her body was definitely aching more than the rest. A groan escaped her mouth when she tried to move a little.

“You’re awake,” a familiar voice resounded through the room. “Give me a sec. I’ll call the doctor.”

Before Audrey could say something, Tristan turned his back on her. She held her head while making a painful expression. “What’s going on… That was Tristan Reid…” She was collecting her thoughts together when something struck her mind. “My baby!” Audrey abruptly sat down while rubbing her tummy. “No, I’m sure he came out before I passed out… I need to find him,” Audrey muttered to herself and forcibly removed the tubes from her body. She felt a throbbing pain between her legs and head but it didn’t stop her from leaving the bed. She was already at the door and was about to open it when someone el

I apologize for being on hiatus. I also want to apologize for disappointing you. I know you were all patiently waiting for the updates and I fail to keep my word. It's been hard for me to continue writing for a while because of both mental and health issues, I was exhausted and needed a break but at the end of the day, my best therapy is writing. I forgot why I started writing in the first place and that's to ease my anxiety and clear my mind. Now, I'm recovering slowly and ready to continue writing again. My sincere apologies to you all. Theoria

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I’m so excited for new chapters!
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Astrid Wendt-Seiger
Glad your back and I pray that you will get better soon.
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June Hunter
Thank you for writing again..I wish healing mentally and physically.

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