Rejected By My Mate
Rejected By My Mate
Author: LorreignneScarr

Chapter 1

[Alexandria’s POV]

Tomorrow, I’ll turn eighteen, and I have a feeling something big is going to happen. I sighed as I scrubbed the floor, and beads of sweat dripped from my face. I can hear the laughter coming from the dining area where my pack dined together except me. Because I am an omega, the most unfortunate and weakest of the pack. They thought I was an omega because I didn't show any qualities of a werewolf. Unbeknownst to everyone, I can shift ever since I was little, but I am different from everyone else because werewolves can only shift at age eighteen, so I hid my wolf. My parents taught me how to hide my wolf form and powerful aura when I was little before they passed away.

My parents died when I was six years old. Then someone took over the pack when my Alpha father died. The new Alpha threw me into the barn and I lived as an omega. However, being an omega was tough because my job was to obey everyone’s commands. Since then, I trained myself every night on the far side of the woods, where no one would notice my presence. But tomorrow, I will find my mate so that I can get out of this hellhole. And I can’t wait for that!

I was also bullied because of the color of my eyes. It has two distinct colors—on my left eye; it is blue with golden flecks, while my right eye is green with golden flecks too. This made me different from all the werewolves. I didn’t even know why I have this eye color. But I think it’s pretty, just like my wolf.

‘That’s right!’ My wolf, Xandra, chimed in and I giggled.

When I finished scrubbing the floor, I went to the back of the packhouse where my house was—the barn. For years, I was sleeping here together with some cattle and my only best friend Layla. I took out some clean clothes in the old broken cabinet and then ran off towards the lake to take a night bath. I scan the place to make sure no one would see me, then I put my clean clothes on the rock. When I’m a hundred percent sure no one was around, I took off my dirty clothes and swam towards the cold water. I feel refreshed.

After three minutes, a familiar scent filled the air. I turned around and saw my best friend Layla. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I turned my back when she’s stripping off her clothes. Later on, I feel her getting into the water.

“I’m so tired!” she mumbled and swam closer towards me.

“Yeah, I feel you,” I said and sighed.

“Yeah, but anyway, we will turn eighteen tomorrow and I don’t think we could find our mate. Why would we have to be an omega? This sucks!” she said, groaning in frustration.

I frowned. I remember an omega couldn’t find its mates because they were too weak. Little did Layla know, tomorrow or onwards I could find my mate, but I couldn’t tell her yet because I'm sure she’d hate me for keeping secrets from her. I am supposed to be an Alpha of this pack, but I hid my wolf. It was my parent’s wish when they were on the verge of dying. Everyone couldn’t find out I could shift and have glowing eyes. I'm sure they will kill me in front of everyone, for they will see me like a beast. I sighed at how my life turned out as an omega of the pack.

“Why are you content being an omega, Alex?” she asked, with eyebrows furrowed. I let out a sigh and said, “There’s nothing wrong with being an omega, Layla. And having a mate is just torture for us because, for sure, our mate will abandon us if they will find out we are an omega. Also, omega couldn’t have a mate and I’m fine with that.” But it’s all a lie. I think about it my entire life because only my mate could save me from this hellhole.

“You’re right. We should accept our fate,” she said, while sighing helplessly.

I felt so bad for Layla, though. Her body is too weak and I think she couldn’t shift tomorrow because her wolf hasn't awakened yet. I just hope she can shift tomorrow.

I swam deeper and when I was up on the surface, Layla made her way to me while smirking, and I raised an eyebrow at her. When she’s in front of me, she stares at my face and smiles. “You’re really pretty, Alex,” she said and touched my face.

I pushed her away playfully. “What’s wrong with you, Layla?” I asked and swam towards the shallow.

“What? I’m just admiring your beauty,” she said while chuckling.

“Whatever,” I mumbled and got out of the water, then I walked towards my clean clothes laying on the rock. I slipped on my clothes and I saw Layla did the same. Then I pulled my hair up in a bun, not caring if it was still wet. Afterward, we walked in silence, going to the barn. Layla and I have lived in the barn since we were little. At first, we felt terrible and sad because we were the only ones being treated this way. But after many years, we got used to living in the barn.

Our stomach grumbled in hunger. We’re hungry, but Alpha Rick won’t give us any food for the punishment of breaking the expensive vase. It wasn’t our fault, though. “I’m so hungry...” Layla mumbled in a weak tone. The last time we ate was two days ago. And I couldn’t go on like this forever. We should eat or else we are going to die of starvation. I licked my dry lips and walked out of the barn. “Where are you going?” Layla asked while frowning.

“I’ll get some food. I am starving and I can’t take it anymore. Please stay here and I will get us food. Don’t worry, I won’t get caught.” I said, but she nodded hesitantly.

“Be careful...” she whispered, and I hummed.

I darted out of the barn and closed the door. I dashed through the back door of the packhouse. The silence is deafening, so I opened the door carefully so as not to make a sound. I sighed in relief because they forgot to lock it, and I tiptoed going to the kitchen and I’m glad no one was awake. I let my eyes glow in the dark. Since no one was around, I can freely use my glowing eyes. I mean, all wolf’s eyes can glow, but mine has a distinct glow, especially when I couldn’t control it and in anger. I can see clearly as the day but with blue and green haze. Also, I have a strong sense of smell and hearing, also my running speed is faster than any wolves even without transforming. How can I explain to everyone once they will find out the real me? Will they freak out?

I walked towards the cabinet, and luckily, I found some cookies and cans of sardines. I took four cans of sardines and a two-pack of cookies. Then I grab two bottles of water. I closed my eyes and all I could hear was the constant breathing of everyone falling asleep deeper in their rooms. But I heard some light footsteps that were coming down the staircase. I hurriedly go to the door and slowly close it behind, then run straight towards the barn in a flash. I huffed when I reached the barn, then I dimmed my glowing eyes back to normal and went inside. Layla was pacing back and forth and slightly jumped when she saw me.

"Oh, my god! What took you so long? I thought you got caught!" she said while taking a deep breath because of nervousness. I grinned and showed her the cookies, cans of sardines, and bottles of water I've got. Her eyes sparkled with joy when she saw the food. I gave her one pack of cookies, two cans of sardines, and one bottle of water.

"Thank you so much, Alex!" she said in pure bliss, then hugged me tightly.

"It's nothing. Come on, let's eat. I'm starving." She nodded and munched the cookies.

We ate in silence as we devoured our food. I sighed in relief. My stomach aches a little as I digest all the food. When we finished eating, we lay down on the nasty mattress on the floor. Layla was fast asleep while I'm still wide awake. I was thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Will I find my mate? Or not? What would he look like? Will he accept me as being an omega? But what if he will reject me? I frowned. I couldn't bear it if my mate would reject me, but I hope he wouldn't.

Moon Goddess, I hope my mate will not reject me. I hope he will accept me and love me for who I am. I entrusted my fate in your hands.

After how many minutes of staring into the darkness, I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep with only one thought. 'Will my mate accept me?'

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