Chapter 8

I kept hearing Layla calling me nonstop. She was still looking for me. I sighed and went up to the surface. I walked out of the water and sighed while looking at my wet clothes. Still, there were bloodstains on my clothes. It didn't wash off completely besides staying in the water for long. Ugh, I need to change. I should find Layla.

I close my eyes and track Layla's scent. She's now in the middle of the woods. Damnit! I also felt another scent around Layla. I run as fast as I can, like a flash.

My eyes darkened when I noticed a brown wolf staring at Layla. My anger rises and quickly pins the wolf to the ground when the wolf is about to attack Layla. The brown wolf was strong and scratched my skin. Blood oozed in it, but it healed quickly that made the wolf flabbergasted. My vision changes color and now it's dark red. I growled then I felt my fangs growing lo

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goodnovel comment avatar
Someone please fix this gramma it’s awful and nigh on unreadable.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lavonne Sisler
This book is very confusing, but I will try to keep reading g in hopes it clears things ip
goodnovel comment avatar
Jen Edmonds
what are the grey circles with numbers on them?

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