Chapter 10

Queen Elisha glares at me. "How did you know?! No one should know!" she spat furiously. Her fist was clenching. The ground was also shaking, and the wind blew furiously.

"Can you control your temper?" I said calmly while rolling my eyes. "Look, I saw your past. I didn't mean to see it, it just flashed in my head when you touched me." I explained.

Her eyes narrowed more. "I don't believe you. Who are you??!"

"As I said earlier, I don't know. All I know is that I am different from everyone else." The ground stopped shaking, and the wind came back to normal.

She sighed and studied me intently. "I can't even figure you out, which is strange. You smell like a werewolf, a vampire, and then a witch. Are you a hybrid or something? Who are your parents?" I was stunned.

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Carol Perry
good story so far
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Smith
What happen with Alexandria ex-mate is he still alive?
goodnovel comment avatar
The lack of noun/verb agreement and singular/plural mistakes are killing me. Please go through and correct the grammar. It’s more annoying than anything. Great story so far.

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