Chapter 93

After hugging the twins one by one, Azrael and the others looked at the twins while feeling anxious. Their heart rate quickens while waiting for the twins’ explanation. Nervousness, longing, sadness, excitement, and all other emotions were visible in Azrael and the sisters’ eyes. 

After knowing Azrael is their father, the twins were feeling ecstatic and Yzzabelle quickly sat in Azrael’s lap while Ezzekiel kept his cool and sat between Azrael and Willow, although he wanted to sit on his father’s lap, too. Though he keeps staring at Azrael and Yzzabelle while smiling. Now he knows where Yzzabelle got her brown hair. 

Azrael couldn’t explain his feelings. He was happy yet sad because the twins grew up without him by their side. He wasn’t even there when they were born and held them close. It was his dream to cradle his babies in his arms while singing them a lullaby to sleep. But now they can already wal

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goodnovel comment avatar
What a twist!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Marilou C. Brach
Hope everything out there with you well alright soon. As I saw your comment,it’s already fast 6 days.. and looking forward the rest of the story.thank you.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lorreignne Scarr
I'll move to the city next week so I might be able to update. Thank you for waiting.

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