Chapter 14

Azrael and Beta Lucian transformed into their wolf form. They were still fighting canines to canines. That made me furious. I closed my eyes and let my power flow around my body. The moment I opened my eyes, it glowed brightly with two different colors—green and blue. Everything in the room was floating, including the two wolves that were fighting. They look at me in shock. They tried to move, but I didn't let them. I motion my right and left hand to them, using my powers—I pinned the two wolves in the wall. They stare at me in horror.

Then, I spoke dangerously, "I will kill you both if you don't stop." I have four different voices coming from my mouth, from my wolf's spirit Xandra, my vampire spirit Val, my witch spirit Willow, and mine.

Their hearts beat at a quicker pace in fear. Then there's a banging on the door, but they can't open it. I eyed the two wo

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Sheena Bernadas Quitong
Awesome story
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Actually he regretted it the minute he rejected her, he went looking for her but she had left already. And that was before he knew who she really was. He’s been wanting her and he has been looking for her before he knew the truth of her identity.
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Ace Kitty
his a Richard.He rejected her cause he thought she was the lowest a wolf could b.If finding a mate is that important to a wolf he should have accepted her on the spot.Now that she is stronger then an alpha n more gorgeous he wants her more now. n how nice 4 him his chosen luna is dead now.A Richard.

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