Chapter 15

[Azrael's POV]

Seeing her vanish in front of me was so painful. My heart shattered into small pieces. It was so excruciating. Damn. My heart was so heavy. My wolf, Khael, also whimpers because of pain. He just wanted to feel our mate and to be by our mate's side. He was still blaming me, though.

The moment I saw her face again, I knew I was in love with her. Those eyes were the most ravishing thing I have ever seen in my whole life. Even though she was so scary a while ago, I couldn't help but admire her more. She is the most beautiful and the strongest girl I have ever known. She has no fear.

I still can't believe that my mate is a hybrid. I thought she's an omega, but it turns out she's one of the most powerful creatures on this planet. The moment she used her powers, her powerful aura almost took my breath a

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Comments (16)
goodnovel comment avatar
What I wonder now is…Is she going to have 3 mates now? Wolf, Vampire, Warlock??
goodnovel comment avatar
tamminiece henderson
Ok soo wouldn’t she be a Tribrid since she is all three
goodnovel comment avatar
Justine Haudenschield
Is the shepherd’s beta Michael or Mathew?

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