Chapter 94

Alice fluttered her eyes and blinked multiple times, somewhat feeling lost in an unknown space. She doesn't know where she is now. She looked around to look for Darius (Destiny), but she couldn’t feel his aura. As she recollected her thoughts, she remembered her true purpose. 

“Is this the eternal unknown?” she mumbled and gasped when she saw a two-way path ahead of her. Both paths were moving like waves and she felt a little dizzy as she stared at it. Now, where would she go? 

When she tried to move, she felt the strong gravity pulling her horizontally, vertically, and in a slanting direction. She felt sick to her stomach when she fell into a swirling motion. She tried to keep her balance and follow the pattern until she got a hang on it. Then she stood still while staring at the two paths intently. She tried using her powers, but n

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