Chapter 95

When Alice couldn’t feel the woman’s aura for days, she felt anxious. What if something happened to the woman? Who would take care of her children? Her worries grew, and she felt really frustrated now. 

She heard her babies talking about looking for the woman instead. They kept waiting every day, but the woman never appeared. She felt worried for her children, so she desperately tried everything in her willpower to wake up. She fought the heavy pressure that keeps pulling her deeper into the darkness.

Anxiety kicked in when she didn’t hear her babies anymore. Fear struck her and Alice tried to use the energy that the woman transferred to her. With all her strength, she pulled herself up forcefully and when she finally saw the light; she felt overwhelmed. At long last, her eyes open sleepily and notice that she was floating inside a golden

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I need more!!!
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Ugh!!! I was so excited to read their mothers reaction. Soon I hope!
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pam Albert
need more updates

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