Chapter 96

After a long walk, Alice and Ashley arrived in the village of elves. Colorful houses with thorn-like roofs beautifully lined up and the wide stone path road was filled with busy elves and some dwarves—buying something from the stores all across the busy streets. Some were chilling while drinking liquor—talking and laughing with each other. 

The elves notice the arrival of the two women, looking elegant with their design of clothing, and Alice's beauty mesmerizes them. While looking at Alice, they felt a look of familiarity with her as though they had seen her somewhere but couldn’t remember. Some folks knew Ashley and greeted her with enthusiasm because they had not seen her for months. Some fruit vendors even ask her if she brought magical fruits with her, but sadly, Ashley didn’t. 

Alice was busy looking at the passersby, esp

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I’m not crying. You’re crying. ...️...️
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Yvonne Elizabeth Simpson
When will there be more chapters please x
goodnovel comment avatar
No offense to anyone reading this or who has read this but it is by far the goofiest book I’ve ever read and I wish I could get a refund on the coins I spent. :-(

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