Chapter 97

After the heartbreaking reunion, Alice and the others now settled at the back of the two dragons–Syrius and Tarius, which Alice summoned. They are now ready to go back to the central castle.

At the central castle.

Everyone was restless and couldn't stay put in one place while still waiting for Azrael and the sisters to return with Alice and the twins. They have been waiting for hours now and yet there's still no sign of them coming back. They couldn't help but feel anxious. What if something goes wrong? If Alice goes missing again, they'll go frantic and will fall into despair again.

Earlier, after knowing the news about the twins’ sudden appearance and news about Alice’s whereabouts, the others and Dalmir were so emotional and couldn't help but cry in happiness. Dalmir couldn't believe that Alice

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Pam Carpenter Geithner
yes is this the end of this story?
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Amanda K. Laurel
Is this finished or do we get more?

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