Chapter 8

When Alice woke up her mouth felt as though she’d spent the prior evening eating mouthfuls of sand followed up with bleach chasers. As the haziness in her brain subsided the memories came flooding in, filling every corner of her mind and making her feel somewhat nauseous.

‘I sucked his dick,’ she thought. The strangest thing about it was how guilty she felt. It wasn’t as if she had a boyfriend anymore, and even if she did… he was a cheating scumbag. Adam was only a year or so younger so she was fine on that front too… the age gap might seem odd now but when he was 30 and she was 31 it wouldn’t be significant enough to even class as a gap.

It was the inherent seediness

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Haha OMG Priti Patel ... that’s one weird crush
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Adalyn Stock
I love this book please update

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