Chapter 9

Ste was just tidying away the brushes from his art lesson when they appeared. His old gang plus his replacement. Every time he saw Jamie it felt like a kick straight to his stomach.

He’d offered to help clean up the classroom in a desperate attempt to avoid Adam and the others. Normally, they wouldn’t have thought to look for him here, being a bunch of underachieving delinquents, but Jamie was different. He was smart.

“Aren’t you the good little boy, offering to help the teacher,” Reece commented. He picked up a piece of artwork that was drying on the side, gave it a look of contention then dropped it like it was a piece of trash. After giving his input Reece turned away from the gr

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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
I actually feel bad for Ste now I think he should admit to Jamie he has feelings for him and that’s why he picked on him
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlo Janzen
I'm so mad I love Adam and Alice i hate Jamie he makes me sick I know she bullied him but does he have to be so horrible
goodnovel comment avatar
Margie Banks
I am hoping Adam and Alice get together

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