Chapter 33

The old park was on the outskirts of town, roughly an equal distance between his location and Jamie’s. Still, he ran the entire distance, not wanting Jamie to get there first and be forced to wait around, having no clue as to what was going on.

Ste leaned on the old goalpost as he caught his breath. His lungs were on fire, probably because of the smoking, but all that realisation did was make him crave a cigarette.

‘I need one to calm my nerves,’ Ste told himself.

With a shaking hand, Ste dropped the pack of cigarettes as he went to retrieve one. A couple fell into a puddle and weren’t rescuable,

Anrose Amillie

Part 2 - Owned by the Bully - is out now xx

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Chris B
Don’t think I’ve ever read something so toxic and misogynistic in my life. Alice needs some serious therapy. She’s literally tied herself to a guy who would not only pass her round his mates to rape but threatens to expose her pics whenever he’s angry. Abuse isn’t something to swoon over!
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no it’s Jamie‘s fault. He wanted revenge on Adam and the whole group and he was willing to sacrifice his sister to do it it’s disgusting
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Will there be a sequel where we can see justice for Alice? I wanted to see her brother accountable for his actions as well as the rest of them. How can she forgive so easily? What happens next time he has a misunderstanding of a situation with her? A sequel should be written to show accountability.
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