Two -- Ewawummi

Come in." I muttered still going through the video footage. I suddenly had the light turned off.

What the...

"Happy birthday!!" They chorused with the light back on. The smile on my face was bright enough to lit up the whole station.

"Guys." I stood up and walked close to them. I can't believe I forgot my birthday. "Thanks for always remembering." I smiled sheepishly.

"Yes boss. We know how selfless you are. It's our duty to this." Ini, my next in command, replied. I really needed to start noticing days like this.

"Let's cut the cake. There is an after party today." He commented as I nodded blowing off the candles. My phone suddenly rang. I went back to my table to retrieve my phone. It was the Senior Officer.

"Sir!" I saluted as everyone stood still. "What? Right now sir?" I turned looking at everyone and the preparation. I am sorry guys." Yes sir, I am free sir.... Alright Sir." The call ended.

"Thank you so much for this. Trust me, I would eat the cake but I need to do something right now." I spoke up as they all looked sad but left anyways.

"Boss." Ini warned as I sighed. I know what he is about to say but I can't waste any more time. "We need to catch a thief." I said walking outside knowing full well that he was going to follow me.

"Boss, wait! Let's go together."


We got to the super market in less than five minutes. Ini is a great driver, I tell you. We decided to lurk round the corners. Hopefully, the thief would show up and the attenders would give us the signal. We waited for few minutes till we heard the shout from inside.

"Over there, thief. Catch that thief." Someone from inside came out shouting and running after an old man?

"Is that the thief?" I questioned Ini as we were both chasing the man till I got him by his belt region.

"Turn around old man." I shouted still trying to harden my grip on his back. He turned around slowly giving us a strange look.

"Please free me. I only stole a few things." He murmured as I snickered.

"Really? So, you know it's wrong to steal and you still did it? Follow me, I am taking you to the station." I said pulling him with me.

"No, please don't. My grand daughter is at home waiting for me to return with food. Forgive me, I won't do it again." He cried as I kept dragging him. I had to go by the book.

"Boss! What are you doing?" Ini shouted and I stopped walking. He untangled my hands from his.

"You are hurting an old man." He stressed out as I stared.

"He is a thief. I don't just go around hurting people you know." I retorted wanting to grab the man hand.

"He isn't going to the station. You see, bring what you stole and go home. I would give you some money. You shouldn't steal any longer." He told the man as the man nodded. He thanked him deeply before dropping all the stolen items and he received the few thousands Ini gave him.

"Now, go home." The man left as I faced Ini.

"You just let a criminal go. He is a thief!" I fired back.

"That steals for his daughter's health. He doesn't want her to die of hunger." Ini retorted as I glared. Why don't he understand? No sentiments when catching criminals! Why don't people get it?

"Really? If everyone decides to steal and make some money for their family. I guess we have to free all of them too." I said dryly.

"Boss, this is totally different. He is an old man. What does he gain from stealing? So, look at what he stole. Is this even considered as theft?" He shouted as I looked down counting what he stole. Some biscuits, gala and a bottled water.

"You see that! It doesn't even amount to two hundred and fifty naira! This supermarket  is silly to call a Police over a minute case like this." He argued as I looked at him.

"So, this isn't is first time. He has been doing this and the fact that he never got caught gave him the grace to do more. Whatsoever the reason might be, stealing isn't the next resort." I clarified.

"I know that damn too well. But, he doesn't. He acted as far as his mentality could carry him." Ini explained as I sighed.

"Why does he have a thief's mentality. That is the issue. That thought needs to be eradicated before it passes on to his grand daughter." I replied as Ini jammed his boot in frustration.

"Boss, why don't you get it?" He groaned as I glared at him.

"This is the very last time you would let a criminal go free. If it happens again, I would have to follow the book." I warned as he looked awestricken.

"You are sometimes heartless. Like what you did earlier too. We all left our busy schedules to celebrate with you. But, you looked us all in the face and still made the decision to come here? I would do you good by leaving alone. I guess you don't like people around." He muttered before walking away.

"Like seriously, what if it was a serial killer I had to catch? Tell me, won't I leave?" I shouted but he didn't even spare me a glance. I entered the vehicle and was driving back to the office. 

Yeah, you are right! I was just a heartless girl that don't care about anything else myself included. I only had one focus and that was to bring criminals to justice. On this path that I had chosen, I don't mind hurting anything/ anyone that prevents me. Some things can't be stopped no matter what!

My phone rang again as I cleared my thoughts before answering.

"Boss, I need your help please. Their vehicle has been identified. But, we fear that we would lose them all if we attack alone." Dapo wailed over the phone as I ignited the already parked vehicle.

"Be on watch. I would be there in the next few minutes. Send the address to me." I hung up as my phone beeped few seconds later. The drive was fast but not law-breaking fast. I arrived there and saw the black mini jeep parked very close to the big tree.

"Over there boss. It has been parked for over an hour." I nodded as I walked towards it with my pistol in hand.

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