Three -- Iseoluwa

I relaxed on one of the sofas. I needed to line my thoughts in one direction. A lot of plans have been structured. The process and sequence is the part I needed to feast on.

"Give it back, it's mine!" David yelled as he ran down the stairs pursuing someone; I guess Abigail.

"I take this as your apology." She shouted back.

I was right!..

"Seriously, I can give anything you want but not my hair dryer." He shouted as I opened my eyes. All these ruckus for hair dryer? Seriously David?

"You know it's different from the one here. I am the female here." She argued back as he shrugged.

"Well, i'm the one with the loose hair. You are making braids babe." He retorted as I shouted. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Can you guys both turn it down. You just disrupted my stream of thoughts. I really don't like that." I shouted as they nodded. After a few minutes silence, Abigail started again. I groaned as I grabbed my keys and jacket. I headed out only to meet Eric at the doorstep.

"Is something wrong?" He questioned as I shook my head.

"They have turned the house into a playground. A lot of noise over an ordinary hair dryer. I am leaving before I break some bones." I said as Eric chuckled.

"Careful dude, you don't wanna get lost." He winked as I rolled my eyes.



I decided to park to park very close to the tree. The breeze was nothing like over there but it's cool. I had my thoughts brought to focus for an hour and I enjoyed the serene conversation between nature and I till an agressive knock to my window disrupted it again.

What the....?

I opened my eyes. What? A female officer? Well, she should be female from the curves of her body. I really can't see the face. I rolled the window down as she bent slowly. Our eyes met and enlarged. I took in the beauty of her face. I guess she did the same because she spent a good number of minute staring at my face. I recovered first and decided to use that against her.

"Hey, did you knock on my window to stare at my face?" I queried as she blinked.

"What? No!" She said adjusting herself.

"So, what? I was meditating you know?" I argued as she opened the door.

"Can you step down?" She stated as I glared.

"You already opened the door. That's rude you know?" I frowned as she pulled my hand.

"I don't have the time for this. We need to search this car!" She said sternly as I glared.

"Wait, what?" I retorted as she tried pulling me up. She dragged my legs outside so I was directly facing her. So it would be easier for her to pull me up, I guess. The smirk in my face was evident. Did she really think she could pull me with that body?

She opened the door wide apart and bent a little low to pull me up when I controlled her hands and pulled her towards me. She fell on me as I fell backwards. It wasn't convenient as there were partitions between the two seats. I only wanted to tease her not fall her down. Damn! She raised her head slowly to meet my eyes. And there was another feat of silent stare between us two. 

"What did you just do?" She spoke trying to stand up. That was when we both realized that I had my hands on her waist. I removed them and looked away giving her space to get up as I got out of the car too. 

"Hmmm..." She cleared her throat as she sticked her hands in her back pocket. Her face was flustered and I couldn't say anything either. I really shouldn't have...

We suddenly heard gun shots as we jerked up. I traced her eyes to the rest of her team. They were fidgeting already. "What's happening?" I asked as she turned to me.

"I guess it's not you. I came here to catch gang of thieves who just robbed with the same vehicle." She explained as I nodded...

"You go in. It's dangerous to stand outside." She said as she was tracing the whole thing with her eyes. A car exactly like mine suddenly burst out of the bush with full speed. 

"That's them." She signalled to her people as I pulled her hands. "What are you doing?" She questioned as I opened the passenger's seat and pushed her into it before jogging towards the  driver's side.

"You have to catch them, don't you?" I looked at her before igniting it and moving with a high speed also.

"Hey, you could get hurt. It's dangerous. I would just follow the vehicle." She complained as we suddenly got to see the thieves' vehicle.

"Over here... Turn around... No, no, the right." She shouted, giving me directions as I chuckled. Imagine her telling me to drop her a while ago. She looked so focused. Her hands properly fisted her pistol. Her eyes carried no enotions. She was ready for war. We suddenly saw their cars parked near an uncompleted building.

"Thank you. I am going in." She said as she opened the door, wanting to go when I pulled her back.

"Are you really going to go in yourself? What if they gang up and rape you or something. What if..." She cut me off with a stern look.

"I can't let those criminals finish up their deal. I need to get there. Let me go." She argued as I released her hands.

"Then I will go with you." I already got down from the car. To those who desperately need to know why I was doing this, the answer was very clear. I needed to...

"Are you silly? I can't risk a citizen life. Get into the car." She warned as I began to walk up the stairs to the building. "You can't get hurt. Promise me?" She said as I nodded. The place was spooky itself. 

"Are you sure they are here?" I asked as the doors suddenly closed. The window were shut too.  She turned around figuring that she walked herself into a trap. 

"Wait, I smell petrol. Are they?" She said as my eyes enlarged. I can't die now. The revenge needed to be carried. I ran to the windows banging and hoping it would open. Someone needed to come and save us.

"Seriously, let's call for help. I can't let you die." She cried as she was violently pressing her phone. What? Wasn't she worried about herself?

"Aren't you worried about yourself? You could die too!" I clarified as she shrugged.

"It's my job not yours. And, I dragged you into this mess." She frowned passing her hand through her long hair. It's a wig, I guess.

"I can see a guy passing. He seems to be the only one. We can still break through the ceiling. He is not going to wet the ceiling, I guess." I chipped in as she turned.

"That's right! You need to get out before the others arrive! Get out now!!!"

"I can't leave!" I replied as she was taken aback

"Wait, what?" She stuttered

"They are here! Damn it!" Uh-oh!

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