Six -- Kunle

Six -- Kunle

"For real, what's the issue?" She asked as I sighed. I really don't have to explain. Why can't people understand me? I had the right to live in any way I want.

"Kunle, I am talking to you!" She shouted as I glared.

"Don't act like you care! Besides, I have been accepted into the force already. And you know that I am definitely going to resume." I finally said as she gasped.

"What do you mean that I don't care? How can you even say that? You are my son!" She said as I flared up.

"Mom!! You really don't have to state that annoying fact! Please leave while I am being nice. I need to pack up." I said walking deeper into my room. I heard the room door shut indicating that she had gone out. I slumped on my bed shutting my eyes. 

Did she really have to play dumb? I know about it all! 

A knock suddenly distracted my thoughts as I sat up. Did she perha

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