Seven -- Iseoluwa

Seven -- Iseoluwa

I walked into their room with a frown on my face. Abigail was already in too. 

"What's wrong Ish?" Eric said noticing my mood.

"Nothing much. I was vexed by the guy who stays next to me. He called himself a cop or something. Pretty sure he isn't." I huffed before laying down on David's bed.

"Wow! Are you angry?" David teased as I glared at him before he turned with a smile.

"But is he really a cop?" Abigail chipped in as I shook my head.

"Nah, he can't be! He would rather work as a waiter." I said as they all bursted into laughter. I just shrugged. The energy that radiated off him wasn't good.

"So,"... I sat up. "About Badejo, I made some personal research about him. I removed the files from my bag and distributed them. They all looked through it carefully.

"We can see that seven years ago, he was given a task by the governmen

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