Forty -- Ewawummi

Forty -- Ewawummi

On seeing dad's grave, my heart wept. I stalked slowly towards it as the tears were threatening to drop.

"I will give you privacy if you want." Ise said as I shook my head. I might do something if he left. His presence alone soothed my soul.

"Dad, dad. What have I done?" I cried as I leant on his grave. "I was dedicating all my life to the jerk that killed you. For a long time, I had always been praying for him. I had no idea." I cried harder as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't blame yourself. You had no idea." He whispered as I hit my chest so hard.

"You don't understand. It's better that I had no idea. You don't know what I'm passing through. Why was the case revealed? Who is that damned criminal?" I shouted as he pulled me up.

"Wake up! If you are going to catch the criminal, you won't be crying here. Wake up, this isn't the solution. Wake up!" He

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