Forty Three -- Iseoluwa

Forty Three -- Iseoluwa

"Why did you have to get the same flavour as mine?" She mocked with a sly smile as she carefully sucked in her ice cream.

"Well, I think I've been whipped." I winked before pulling her into the vehicle. My phone rang as I picked it.

"Eric? What's up?" I asked as he sounded panicked. Is something wrong? "Speak up!" 

"They caught hold of Dave. That witch and her gang. He is in trouble. What should we do?" He cried out as I suddenly pressed the brake making us jolt forward.

"Damn! Hold on, I'm coming." I hung up. "I need to get somewhere. I'll get a cab for you." I said as I got down. She did the same and walked over to me.

"What's wrong? Is it very important?" She asked purely worried as I tried to keep cool.

"Ewa, you will go home and relax. Okay? Everything's fine." I replied as she shook her head in tears.

"Why are you

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