Forty Four -- Ewawummi

Forty Four -- Ewawummi

Something was really wrong. But, what? I clenched unto his Identity Card I picked from the floor as I paced around. Why did it feel like that was the last time I would see him. Oh God, please keep him save.

My phone suddenly rang and I ran to it hoping it was Ise. "Ini? Hello." I replied disappointed.

"Boss, are you okay? You don't sound well?" He replied as I sighed.

"I am really not okay, Ini. I am so worried right now. I don't know what to do." I said honestly.

"Why? The case is giving you problem? Or perhaps? Ise?" There was humor laced with his last word. Ini was like family to me so I told him a lot of things.

"The latter. Something is wrong somewhere and I don't seem to understand. It's like I might not get to see him again. I feel so uneasy." I explained as he hummed in response.

"If he isn't telling you, you shouldn't dig too deep and

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