Forty Five -- Iseoluwa

Forty Five -- Iseoluwa

"You didn't have to come. Why would you risk your life?" Dave scolded me as he kept breathing heavily.

"Do you think I would leave you here? I saw the memory card." I said as he sighed in relief. "How did you get it? I never knew it existed." I said as he turned with a smile. His lips was bleeding already.

"When we arrived from Canada, I dialed your doctor's number. He had the recording for a long time. I caught him with it and he couldn't deny. He was just so afraid. I called him then and promised to do a clean job without his name being mentioned. After much persuasion, he sent it to me this morning. I planned to tell you when I arrived but, I got kidnapped." He said as I wished I was free to hug and thank him.

"Thank you Dave, I'm really glad you gave me the opportunity to hear mom's voice and dad's too. I will make sure you get out of here safe." I said as he laughed.


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