Forty Six -- Ewawummi

Forty Six -- Ewawummi

"A crazy jerk in love with a sassy officer." He said as my heart leaped for joy. He was in love with me. But, what's wrong with me? I was supposed to be mad at him but here am I in his arms.

"Put me down. I can walk." I said as he opened the window. I peeped outside. The fire fighters were already down with their water tank.

"Hold me tight, we are going to jump." He said as I gasped. What?

"We are on the first floor." I complained as he adjusted me.

"Close your eyes." He said as he passed through the already burning window. I could hear screams from people but I couldn't risk opening my eyes. We ended up hitting the floor with me falling upon him. I opened my eyes slowly and gasped on seeing Ise's condition. His head was bleeding badly. Why didn't I notice that it was this worse. He was already feeling dizzy.

"Are you okay?" His voice came out barely as a whisp

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