Chapter 4 - Mates


As we spluttered to the surface, those arms were still encircling me. It was then I looked into the most gorgeous pair of green eyes I had ever seen.

Time stopped; my lungs had stopped breathing. Everything had stopped existing. I could not see or feel anything else besides this beautiful man standing in front of me. Not beautiful, that word would be too feminine. He was the embodiment of masculinity.

His wet and messy brown hair fell over his forehead. He was taller than me by a foot and almost three times my width. He had a warrior's body, cut from years of training. He was shirtless and wet, which was driving my wolf crazy. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks, it was strong and defined with a perfect jawline.

"Mine! Mine! Mine !" My wolf screamed.

And I was suddenly wet, not because of falling in the pool. I was wet down below. Those green eyes were glued to me, and I knew he felt the same. He knew I was his mate!

"No, this can't be happening," I thought, the day had just gone worse.

"Fuck!" I blurted out.

His perfect lips ripe for the kissing, curled into a smile," sure dear, I can't wait.... mate."

Damm that voice! I nearly orgasmed.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you." I squeaked. He raised an eyebrow.

"What did you intend to do?" His grin turned into a sly smile.

'Run...I had to something.... anything.'

I jerked back, slipping out of his hold. Without looking back, I climbed out of the pool in the most ungraceful way ever, but I did not care. I had to leave. My wolf was angry, but I had to run. I heard him calling behind me. I ignored it and just ran towards the living room; my white summer dress was dripping wet. Dismissing all the questioning glances, I grabbed Emma and panted.

"We need to leave now!"

"What happened? Why are you all wet?" She asked bewildered.

"I.... I.....need to go...please," I pleaded.

There was a commotion near the poolside. I knew he was coming after me. Coming to claim me. I dragged Emma outside and ran towards our car.

"Alice! Bobby is still inside!" She yelled.

"You can come back for him later, just get me away from here...."

She started the engine as I covered my face with my hands, catching my breath. No no no... I said repeatedly. We were on the highway while Emma received a call from Bobby and explained to him how I had run away as if I had seen a ghost.

"Care to explain what happened?" She was annoyed, and my wet dress, soaking up her car seat was not helping.

"I bumped into someone," I breathed hard, trying to keep down my wolf who was ready to tear out of my body.

"So? Was it that bad that you had to run away? " 

"He is my mate," I said quietly.

"What!" Emma blurted and nearly dashed the car in a tree.

"Emma! Look ahead," I screamed as we narrowly missed a tree. Emma stopped the car at the side.

"We must go back to the party," Emma said

"No! " I almost yelled.

"Who was he?" She asked cautiously.

"I don't know, and I don't even want to know," I whispered, absentmindedly.

My wolf was angry with me," how can you leave our mate? " She cribbed.

"Look, let us just pretend this never happened. Do not tell anyone. I can control my wolf. My mate...... I mean that man does not know who I am, he cannot find me. I am leaving in a few weeks anyway. So, everything will be forgotten by him."

Emma snorted," that's not how it works, princess. Now that he knows you exist; he will search heaven and earth to reach you. He would not leave you alone until you submit."

"Great! So now I have a stalker!" I said sarcastically.

"It's also possible that he doesn't want a mate either. Then he would leave me alone, right?" I asked, hopefully.

"Highly unlikely, not all werewolves are a weirdo like you," Emma replied.

"I am not a weirdo; I am a smart, rational person capable of making my own decisions. I do not rely on fate or God." I said as somberly as my dishevelled state allowed.

"I am going to change clothes in the back seat. Do not talk about this incident to anyone, ok?" I said with finality.

Emma shook her head, "Yeah, whatever."



I could smell her near the poolside. My wolf was restless. I glanced at the crowd of people frolicking, but it was difficult to pinpoint among the crowd.

I rushed towards her, her scent was like nothing I had ever smelled before; it was light, fresh, and wonderful. If I could only smell one thing in the whole world, forever, it would be her scent. I could live off her scent alone. As intoxicating as her scent was, it could not even compare to how it felt when her skin first touched mine. It was euphoric.

 My body was on fire as desire and a desperate need to be closer to her body consumed me. My world had stopped spinning around the dull sun and now rotated around this celestial being. 

It happened all so suddenly, I did not mean to bump into her, but as we fell into the pool, I automatically snaked my hand up her back and wound my fingers through her hair at the base of her head. My lips rested against her neck for barely a second, and that was enough to know she was mine.

Her soft body moulded perfectly into mine, confirming she was made for me.

The only thing that could make this moment more enjoyable was for her to reciprocate these powerful emotions. I could barely control myself as her hazel eyes stared into mine.

"Mine." My wolf roared. "Yes mine, this beautiful, exquisite creature was mine," I thought.

It took a split second to go from the euphoric bliss of her touch to the harsh reality of why she was not returning my desire. She looked at me horrified, then she was running away. Scrambling out of the pool.

"Stop her," my wolf said.

"Did I scare her?" I wondered.

"Hey, wait," I said.

That seemed to make her run even faster.

"What did you do to her, Lucian?" Garret, my old friend joked.

"Nothing yet," I grinned at him.

"You have scared her off," Garret replied, laughing.

My Beta Damon was now standing by my side as soon as I got out of the pool. He looked baffled.


"Are you ok, boss?"


"Yeah," I replied as I followed my lovely mate, I was not certain why she was running away. After looking for my mate for the last 10 years, I had given up hope when Luna felt benevolent on me.


"What happened boss, you look a little lost?" 

Damon passed me a towel.


"You see that girl in white running towards the porch?"


He nodded.


"She is my mate and your future Luna."


"What?" Damon looked incredulous," but why is she leaving?"


"No clue, maybe she wants to be chased the old-fashioned way. Find out everything about her." I commanded and turned back into the house.


"How can you let her go, you know you want her?"  My wolf chided me.


"All in good time, dear, all in good time." I soothed my wolf.

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Tracy B Carriere
so far, this is really good. I really like the luna character
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Wow.... What a story, wish d chapters are free
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It's good. would be better if it was free.

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