Chapter 5 - Pack life

I woke up slowly and fought my way to consciousness as if trying to swim up from deep, dark waters. I was 9 again, there was smoke everywhere. People were running around trying to escape the fire, there were gunshots. I closed my ears, trying to shut out the chaos, someone grabbed my shoulders. It hurt.

I looked up at the face of the man, but it was all blurry. Then I was running again, I hid under a table and shut my eyes and ears again.

"Do not be scared, I will protect you......" Said a gentle voice. I turned and there was a boy, a few years older than me. He was hiding along with me while the smoke billowed around us. 

I woke up sweating from my nightmare, breathing hard. I checked my watch, it was still early.

Five am to be precise. Most of the juveniles and younger wolves would have already started their training. But I was on a vacation. I could catch a few more hours of sleep. Though I could not sleep anymore.

I lay in my bed and replied to a few emails,
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