Chapter 6 - Kidnapped

When I decided to visit the club, which was ironically called 'The Lycans', I dressed for the part.

Emma had said this could be my impromptu bachelorette party, and we had a good laugh about it. We drove to the city along with Emma and another theta girl, Melanie.

Bobby being all possessive mate had insisted on accompanying us, but we wanted a girl's night out. We were in the human part of the town where the presence of wolves was nil, and we could handle human males easily.

Once in London, I was about to be mugged while returning late. All I needed were my claws. The look of terror on that prospective mugger's face was priceless. Harming a human is banned since we live in secrecy, we are not supposed to reveal ourselves. However, we can do so in self-defence and emergencies. 

I had decided to be a little risqué -

I wore a black tank top that was meshed and a short red plaid skirt. Not too short, I preferred not to feel self-conscious or attract unwanted attentio
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