Chapter 8 - Escape

I felt like a slut. I had just cheated on Mark!

' I am horrible! ', I thought.

'No, you are not, you kissed your mate as you should,' my wolf was pleased.

'My wolf is a pervert,' I cursed myself.

I finally slid off Lucian's lap and pulled down my skirt, folding my arms. I was looking out of the window. He kept his hand firmly around me. The area looked familiar; it was the state highway a few miles off the pack lands. Still, I was unable to form any connection with Rick and I had lost my mobile.

 Perhaps, I could plan an escape if I were careful. I turned towards him and spoke. 

    "Lucian, I need to use the restroom, can you stop at some service station, please?" I made my most desperate puppy face. My wolf was resisting. She was trying to overpower me so that I would stay.  

 He gave me a piercing look with those divine eyes. I noticed he had lovely lashes.

 'Please kiss him,' my wolf pleaded. I
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