Chapter 9 - Homecoming

It was too late to run. I looked at the approaching monsters as the first one stopped right in from of me. The doors opened, and I was engulfed in Rick's familiar scent.

"Alice! Thank God you are safe." Rick said from above my head, I was pressed to his chest in a relieving hug. I was quickly huddled into the SUV, sitting alongside Rick.

"Now, tell me what happened?" Rick asked, softly.

I did not even know where to start. I told him everything, how I was drugged and kidnapped by the rogues and being rescued by Lucian Blake.

Rick's face hardened. He was furious, I could tell. Rick, my only brother, was eight years older than me. When my father died in that inter-were fight, he was just 17. He used to be away for several training, high school, and other things while I was growing up. I spent most of my time with Emma and Bobby, who were near to my age.

After taking over the pack, he had worked relentlessly. Due to our age gap and my being sent away, we did not get the o
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Helen F Rayford
The author did not mention the name of Matthew in this chapter nor in any before it so it's on you not the writer
goodnovel comment avatar
Whose Mathew thought her Fiancée was Mark?? Liking the story though...

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