Chapter 11 - Losing control

Alice's (POV) -

Rick stared at me with an unreadable expression while I was being torn by several emotions. A mating bond is the most sacred bond for wolves. Once wolves find their mates. The male marks the female, it is followed by wild sex. After which the female marks the male.

It can even happen together during the consummation. Once the mating is done, the bond is complete. They are bound for life. They share their life, feelings, mind everything. Finding your true mate is a gift or a trap, depending on how you take it. No one is allowed to interfere in the mate bond. It is against the law. The male can claim the female, even if she is from his dreaded enemy's camp.

"Well? Now can I claim my mate?" Lucian said impatiently.

Rick held up his hand to stop him. 

"You are in my territory. I will decide what happens, even if she is your mate, you cannot take her away without my approval." 

Lucian's green eyes flashed with anger. M
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Louisa Monica Hilaly
I totally agree. I hate how the make the female characters weak and pethadic. He's a POS, I hoped that she would rejected him but we all know that won't happen. Same old story like the rest.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kasey Brown
Ugh why does she have to be a weakling because of the stupid late bond she has a right to make her own choice not her wolf

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