Chapter 14 - New Home ?



My anger, resentment, and escape plans were on the back burner. I was busy staring at the tall, lush green trees. There were miles and miles of trees, much more than Jade moon territory.

"You like it?" Lucian asked, his green eyes reflecting the greenery below.

"You have a river!" I exclaimed excitedly as I looked down at the Blue Ribbon of water snaking through the deep green. It was beautiful. 

Then I spotted the buildings. At first, they just appeared like a mass of grey and whites. There was a huge central courtyard, garden, whatever you might call it. The size of a football field. It was surrounded by buildings, several of them. The helicopter landed in this lush grassy courtyard.

Avoiding the loud noise and the wind lashing around us, Lucian helped me climb out of the helicopter. The ride had been short, about 45 minutes. I guessed his minions would be arriving by road. The copter flew off. I bet Lucian had a
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Louisa Monica Hilaly
it's not her fault she was made stupid weak and pathetic female character.
goodnovel comment avatar
Maybe she should abandon her career as an architect if she can’t identify buildings or courtyards. It’s a big part of the job.

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